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Dear Mission’s Partner

CHRISTMAS    The Lord bless you today, and throughout this difficult Christmas COVID-19 season we are all living through. The Christmas season is an opportunity for the Church Militant to celebrate The Saviour’s birth. The first promise of His coming in (Gen. 3:15) was God’s assurance to a lost world, that, in the fullness of time a Saviour would come. (Gal.4:4-7). He did come, and purchased our cleansing by The Saviour’s ignominious death, and shed blood. (1.Jn. 1:7-9). The Saviour’s resurrection. He was buried, and rose again, because “…He ever lives…” never to die again, (Rev.1:18, Heb.7:25). He revealed himself to the disciples and many more. (1. Cor.15:3-9, Lk.24:39, Act.1:3.). Just as He came in fulfillment of God’s promise the first time, so He will soon come again. At The Saviour’s ascension The Holy Spirit spoke, assuring the three apostles on the Mount of Transfiguration that He will come in “like manner as you have seen Him go…” (Act.1:11). God promised His first coming and He came. God promised The Saviour’s second coming. (Act.3:19-21). And its “…nearer than when we believed”. (Rom.13:11). Look up, for your redemption draws near. (Lk. 21:28). “…Comfort one another with these words. (1.Thess. 4:18). Have a blessed Christmas and New Year!

CANADIAN REPORT Shirley and I came to Canada in December 2019 and expected to go to Asia in January via the UK. As you know the world shut down in early new year and we are still basically trapped in Canada. For safety reasons, and since most countries that we visit or travel through are closed to international arrivals and/or with a two- week quarantine; it is pointless to travel anywhere for the foreseeable future.

Our annual Global October dinner in Canada could only be confirmed and held at the very last minute. Even then only with the most stringent government regulations. We had an excellent ‘God blessed’ event but with the smallest (approx. half) attendance of any previous year.

 The Global donor team stood faithfully with us in our need for project funds, (which need continues even though Shirley and I are grounded). Then the miracle happened – A faithful donor couple also sponsored the total banquet. This was a special ‘above and beyond’ blessing to the Global ministry. Those who were not planning to attend the banquet because of schedule or COVID-19, made their donation by cheque or other electronic means before the event. Others made their mission’s investment after the event.

The end-result was that half the usual banquet group, together with the before and after donations resulted in a substantial offering, considering the negative ‘virus’ circumstances, PTL!  This year communion was added to the program, which most everyone was delighted with and blessed to have, given, not having attended their closed churches for many months. Several came at the end for counselling and prayer. A great and victorious evening in every way!

GOF INCOME TAX RRECEIPTS Thanks to each one of you who made this year possible. Each of you stood with us and gave to ministry from your heart. In these final weeks of 2020, we are praying and trusting God for the final weeks donations to allow GOF to finish the year in a strong position on Dec. 31, poised for the new year. Please pray to that end with us. For your giving in 2020 IncomeTax receipts will be issued promptly in the early new year. If you need more information, please email:

ASIA REPORT It is impossible for us to travel and minister overseas at this time. The work and projects continue, but only as God continues to provide. The important, vital projects we are committed to support cannot be cancelled. The ministry of Global overseas helps train, feed and support hundreds of our workers and their families. Many of these pastors’ evangelists or workers are converts from twenty or thirty years ago. Some of the young pastors are children of those earlier converts who also are pastors. Their work is to pastor their jungle church and plant other new works; some oversee an additional three or four church plants.  Our Global team support, as we stand strong together now in this ‘plague crisis’, with your faithful monthly support, will enable Global to continue their monthly support.

Other projects, like supporting 28 Bible students monthly, in their graduate year who have lost their funds through the virus, need our support.

CONTINUING CHURCH PLANTS For many years, Global Outreach has supported church planting. Resulting from jungle evangelism and the hundreds who received Christ as Saviour, it naturally followed that a pastor or worker gather the young converts and begin teaching and training. This results in a small church plant. These ‘plants’ are still multiplying where we have workers or young Bible school graduates. Visit Global Outreach website at to see some of the current projects. These are in various stages of completion, and some choose to sponsor certain segments of construction. Cement, woodwork, windows, plumbing, electrical, seating & etc., just to name a few. Please have no hesitation to contact me  through the website for more details. You may email me directly to:

AN EXCITING AND REWARDING UNIVERSITY PROJECT   In the coming months we have over four hundred university students coming to a Christian Training Retreat for four days. Most all of their cost is covered including accommodation and food. Many are believers but many are not. Good numbers in past years have given their lives to Christ. Each year many receive their baptism in the Holy Spirit, and some receive their healing. Over the years, many have continued through Seminary and are now labouring in His harvest field. Please pray with us that this project can still be supported in this difficult time. We understand that most of the teaching and leadership has grown out of the early days of our ministry there. The past ministry was only possible as you stood faithfully with us as part of the ministry team. Thank you for your continuing faithfulness to His work.

INTERCESSORS The team ministry of prayer and intercession began when this ministry commenced and has deepened and strengthened until today. At this moment there are hundreds of people holding us, the ministry and the far-flung projects up in prayer. Around the clock at least twelve levels deep, someone is praying every day. This ministry succeeds as it is deepened and strengthened by each one interceding daily. How many times have we been told, months or more later “God woke me up and I prayed until the burden lifted” looking back, we identified a real attack of Satan that was averted?

PROJECTS The primary object of Global Outreach ministry is to win souls and change lives. Each project mentioned above, has a bottom line of reaching the lost for Christ and by showing His love to those in need, reaching them and ministering to their deeper need. As you stand with us in team support, you help make the miracle happen. 

WEBPAGE The web page has been re-designed and re-focused. Earlier, the purpose of any web site was to draw readership to support business or ministry. A, ‘What can you do for us’, attitude, then? The ministry passion of the website now, is to reach the lost. The purpose is to share His love, speak His peace into a troubled heart, help them receive His forgiveness and learn to forgive as Christ forgives us. Also, to share of the power of the Holy Spirit as Comforter, in the believer’s life.

Now, in a greater way, our purpose is to serve a hurting and fearful public. Now rather, it is, ‘What can we do for you’? Material is now directed to ministering to the need of those who come to the web siteWWW. Pray for the many who visit the site to read and download material. This is becoming another important ministry arm of Global. Donations may also be made directly on site.

We are here for you if we may be of help in any way we can.

May you and your extended family know His love, anointing and favour!

In His love at this Christmas Season.                                                           Email:                         

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Newsletter – Christmas 2020