God has used John since the young age of 12, when he obeyed the call to become a street evangelist in Ireland and from a very young age he has been used powerfully worldwide, teaching and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We met John and Shirley Abraham back in the 1980’s and heard of their dedicated, tireless ministry to the nations and we felt the call to support them and have done so in various capacities over the last many years. What a blessing that has been in our own lives to see and hear all the fruit of their labors.

We have had the privilege of serving on their board, Global Outreach Foundation, from its inception and have been so very blessed to hear of the thousands of salvations, healings and deliverances that take place in the many crusades/meetings, at home and abroad.

The Abrahams are anointed servants of God, who teach and preach with deep revelatory knowledge from God’s word, to equip the many nations’ leaders, through training schools/sessions wherever they go and they also operate in all the gifts of the Spirit while ministering to the masses. What a powerful team for furthering the gospel. Thank you to them for their tireless years of dedicated service in furthering the Kingdom worldwide. We love them dearly.

H. & R. Krahn

The sixty meetings in twenty-four days conducted by Evangelist Abraham were the most powerful visible manifestation of God’s power that I have ever seen in my life. John is a premier evangelist, a man set aside by God who is more sensitive to the moving of the Holy Spirit than any I have known before. He was powerfully used of God in healing, the gifts of the Holy Spirit (in remarkable ways), and casting out of demons. This was the first time I saw evidenced within a series of meetings all nine gifts of the Holy Spirit… Thanks, John, for impacting my life.

D.S. Young

John’s energy, his heart, and the anointing on his life have always amazed me. I personally considered it a rich privilege to sit under his teaching. My own life was enriched, and my personal ministry benefited. John is a superb evangelist who moves powerfully in the Holy Spirit, with many coming to Christ, being filled with the Holy Spirit, and receiving physical healing in every service. The altars were always full, and the Holy Spirit was always powerfully present and working in people’s lives. However, John’s greatest legacy may well be as a teacher and trainer of national workers for the harvest field.

H.C. Borzel

A number of years ago, John and Shirley came to Ukraine to teach a week-long course on the Holy Spirit and His gifts. It was a wonderful time as the Word was both taught passionately and demonstrated with power; even in class the sick were prayed for and words of knowledge were given to many. Most of those students are now in leadership positions in the church and regularly minister both in deliverance and healing ministries.

                What I remember the most of this time, however, is how John ministered personally to the senior pastor. The Holy Spirit gave him some key words of knowledge – of both correction and encouragement. They came at a decisive time of his life, and I believe they were vital for this pastor to remain focused and fruitful. The church has more than quadrupled since then, with well over two thousand members… and they are always asking for John to come back!

J. Willoughby