One evening two boys came from school. One was tall for his age and the other one shorter. At the altar call time, the shorter one stood to be saved, but the taller one pulled him down by his coat. This action happened twice. Later, the shorter boy waited behind, and we led him to Christ. What became of him after those years, I had never heard. As the crusade continued, several gave their lives to Christ.


Recently, sixty years after these meetings, I received a phone call, and a voice said, “This is Sandy Beckett!” It was the shorter boy who gave his life to Christ at the crusade. He asked me if I remembered who he was. I did. Not knowing what had become of him over the years, I asked how things had been going and if he had been living for Christ. He related how, following school, he had prepared for ministry and had just retired after fifty-plus years as a pastor. Only in the last few years did the taller boy give his life to Christ. Our group of young evangelists visited community after community, and many committed their lives to Christ and today are faithful believers in pastoral ministries or missions.




(Copyright 2012 – “Living in The Supernatural Dimension by John Abraham”)

Excerpts – Contact after 60 years