Sometime later after a crusade meeting, Tom Gilchrist and I rode our bicycles from where the taxi dropped us off to his little church. As we arrived very late, from the foyer I heard the pastor say, “Now I have taught you about the fullness of the Holy Spirit, so come forward and receive from Him.” As though a warm, gentle hand was placed on my back encouraging me to go through the swinging double doors and down and aisle of a church I had never attended, I went. I stood alone to the left of the platform and waited for the pastor to pray for me, but it didn’t happen.


Instead, and almost immediately, as I had often experienced before, I began to sense the presence of the Holy Spirit. As my body became unsteady, I placed one leg behind me for stability, which didn’t help. Soon I rested softly on the floor, as though I was on a mattress. Until three in the morning, my Pentecostal encounter was full of the presence of the Holy Spirit. He anointed and blessed me. At times it seemed that I could contain no more. He evoked prayer and praise, singing and weeping, and words so sacred, I still can’t relate them.




(Copyright 2012 – “Living in The Supernatural Dimension by John Abraham”)

Excerpts – Encountering Holy Spirit