As I looked in horror, she uncovered a massive goitre the size of a grapefruit on her neck. Because I believed that the dispensation for healing had passed with the New Testament church and with the death of the apostles and realizing that the Pentecostal member of the quartet, Tom Gilchrist, was listening, I asked myself, What should I do?  Should I have him pray?  What if she is healed? With confidence that she would not be healed, I decided to pray for her myself.  That would send a statement to Tom.  Closing my eyes tightly, I prayed, “God heal her according to her faith!” While my eyes were still closed, I heard her say, “Oh God, it’s gone!” God did heal her, and Tom pointed his finger and said to me, “If God healed her, the fullness of the Holy Spirit is also a question you better search from Scripture!”




(Copyright 2012 – “Living in The Supernatural Dimension by John Abraham”)

Excerpts – Healing Miracle – Massive Goitre Healed!!!