Now we were in business—or more accurately, in ministry.  We printed song books and chorus sheets; distributed hand bills and posters; and booked meeting places. We were now ready to begin our evangelistic venture to adults. We had a pianist, Sam Elliott, and a quartet made up of Cecil Hutchinson, Raymond McDowell, Joshua Sloan, and Stanley Robb, who also functioned as master of ceremonies and song leader. Preaching was mostly left to me. Other key members were Tom Gilchrist, Raymond Cairns, Fred Douglas, and others, who also played leading roles in keeping with their giftings.


From time to time over the years and for various reasons, there were changes in team members. Until today, those of us who are still alive are serving God and have remained lifetime friends.  The very first crusade was close to our homes, and everyone knew us.  The place was packed nightly, as the whole community wanted to see the performance. Everything went smoothly until they called me to preach. Within three minutes, I had finished all I knew to say.  Then, as though it were part of the program, I called upon a team member to testify and then on another, until all had testified. Then I continued preaching and finished with a small measure of dignity.




(Copyright 2012 – “Living in The Supernatural Dimension by John Abraham”)

Excerpts – Teenage / Adult Ministry Begins