As it had for millennia, the pre-dawn mist brooded over the South China Sea, which lapped gently on the golden ribbed sand. At such an idyllic location for an Easter morning sunrise service, our underpowered motorbike and sidecar carried four people, plus Shirley and me. On the previous evening, the national leader of the group strongly suggested that we prepare to leave our accommodation by three in the morning. His prompting was because he knew that ahead of us lay an almost indescribably circuitous, bone-bending, two-hour, hazardous journey during the darkness of night.

Already in the early morning the temperature was probably in the twenties Celsius or seventies Fahrenheit as we bumped our way along to the rendezvous of the first service. Suddenly the harrowing experience was over as the sputtering engine fell silent. We braked to a halt almost axle deep on the sandy and powdery beach. We had arrived! Almost as one person, the four agile younger locals leaped off the main bike, while Shirley and I uncurled and tried to pry ourselves from the metal cage appendage that was half our size.




(Copyright 2012 – “Living in The Supernatural Dimension by John Abraham”)

Excerpts – Tropical Island Easter Morning