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Have a Blessed Christmas!

“For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given; – You shall call His name Jesus for He shall save His people from their sins.-” (Isa. 9:6. Matt.1:21).

Dear Missions Partner,

As the ‘Christmas Season’ continues to gain momentum, we are bombarded with every type of greeting other than ‘Happy Christmas’. The Christian is happy to keep Christ in Christmas. Commercially all other greetings are preferred as it is not considered politically correct now to put Christ in the holiday season greeting as in the past.

His name was an offence to many when He was on earth; it is still an offence to many today. It is in His name and by His blood that our sins are removed and we are made joint- heirs with Christ. Through His name we pray for and receive our healing. Through His name demons flee. Because of the power of His name, as in Bible days, for many it is still a name to be avoided. For the follower of Christ this season’s salutation need not be “Happy holidays” or “Season’s greetings” ; but by keeping Christ in Christmas with “Happy Christmas”.

For the past six weeks Shirley and I have been ministering here in the UK and have had the joy to meet, minister and fellowship with so many of our long-time friends. God has blessed as we have had opportunity to preach and teach in several areas. Counselling, as always has continued to be a major ministry.

For each one of you who took time to fellowship with us at the October GOF Fellowship Dinner Evening, we want to thank you. It is only with you faithful support at that time and on a monthly basis by direct debit that this soul winning ministry is able to continue. Thanks also for the Lord’s leading, as a donor under-wrote the Fellowship Dinner again this year. This allows the total offering to go for ministry without the deduction of the dinner cost. Trust with us for this to be laid upon some for next year. Please stand with us in prayer during this continuing period of economic constraint, that the pressing ministry needs will be supernaturally met. As God provides we trust to minister in Asia in the new year.

Shirley and I return to Canada soon and will then begin to prepare for Christmas with those of our family who live there. This has been a busy year and we look forward to these few days of rest before it all begins again. I have a few finishing touches to complete for the book, ‘Living in the Supernatural Dimension’ that I managed to write this year, that I trust will be published in the new year. Pray with us that it will be a blessing to those who find it through the web or on a book shelf, and read it.

From our house to yours, Happy Christmas’ at the celebration of the birth of the “-KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS”. (Rev. 19:16). We send you our love with a prayer for His richest blessing to be yours in the coming year. We believe that you will experience His love, peace, good health and abundant provision for your every need. You are loved!

Your servants in His love

John & Shirley Abraham.

Newsletter – Christmas 2011