APRIL 1 2009



Dear Missions Partner,

The Bible says ‘we are in the world but not of it’, speaking of how believers behave in relation to carnal desires and worldly pursuits etc. However we are also not part of the world economy which is receiving its most powerful shaking in living memory. We also should not live in bondage to this economy that is devastating business and domestic finances.

Our God is a God of abundance; His resources are not limited by the erratic behavior of the world stock exchanges performance. As believers, sons of God, joint heirs with Christ, we are not under, but above the circumstances of these present world conditions. He is our source, He has unlimited resources which are available to those who walk in total obedience to His Word.

As His Word encourages my heart from day to day, as we press on in ministry, may I seek to encourage you? Hold fast, stand on the Rock with solid faith in a God whose divine economy never fails. His Word is eternally settled in heaven, and He stands ready to hasten to perform it in your life today. As we remain faithful in every area of our commitment, He undertakes to ‘open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing that there will not be room enough to contain it’ –even in this paralyzed economy.

As you stand with us in soul winning we need to encourage one another to believe for God’s provision for the scheduled ministry planned for this year. During the past ten months the economy has worsened, with ‘men’s hearts failing them for fear’. We have watched as monthly donations and offerings have been shrinking in the UK and Canada. The extent of this decrease at this time is about sixty percent. Please believe with us in prayer for a financial breakthrough.

We believe God, and ask you to join your faith with ours, for His continuing provision to enable us to continue the 2009 scheduled ministry. At this time we have to use great wisdom, and delay further ministry in Asia for the month of April. It may be necessary to delay until May or later, to allow for adequate funding. After twenty five years of missions we have learned that it is much easier to receive funds in advance of the actual expense, than to incur the debt, and then raise funds to eliminate the debt.

God’s storehouse is full. We believe with you, for a breakthrough in the heavenlies, that the strongman will be defeated in this battle, and the work of soul winning can continue un-impeded.

Our love and prayers are with you for God’s richest blessing on you and your extended families.

At this Easter time, His Victory is our Victory

We are your servants in His love,

John & Shirley Abraham.


Newsletter – BE ENCOURAGED – GOD’S ECONOMY IS STRONG April 1st, 2009