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“…Announce that the LORD saves His people” Psa.96:2(GWV). “…Let us rejoice and be glad because He will save us” Isa.25:9(GWV).

Dear Missions Partner,


We are just in the front door and jet-lagged beyond words!

Each Christmas, believers focus on the Saviour’s birth. We have a fresh appreciation for His redemptive work on our behalf. His name would be called Jesus for He would save His people from their sins. It is this ‘good news’ message of the Gospel that you and we rejoice together in, as we announce His salvation to a lost and hurting world.

At this time we reflect on the various aspects of this ministry. It hardly seems possible that yet again God has blessed in so many new and precious ways. The evidence of His hand at work makes us ask “how can each year exceed previous years in such a variety of ways?” The display of His anointing in ministry and on people’s lives causes us to give Him all the glory.   We have seen His miraculous hand at work wherever His Word is received and acted upon in obedience; in this year, throughout Asia Canada and the UK.

Just last week in Eire, a lady who was terminally ill, not eating and had major organs closing down and was inoperative for other issues, was finally sent home. Family brought her to the crusade for prayer, but she was too weak to stand, was prayed for and taken home. She immediately began eating again, was re-admitted to hospital for other surgeries that were pointless before, given her terminal illness.


This year has been packed with endless ministry activity. There were three trips overseas to four countries; approx. 300 meetings including leadership seminars; a conference in Ireland for FGB, also kept us on our toes. The preparation and teaching of the forty week series The Hebrew Names of God, and promotion of the book Living in the Supernatural Dimension, took time. (Locally, for those asking for a copy, I have supplies, Arlene Young also has (604 853 0827), and it is available from WWW.WestBow or WWW. It is also available on line as an e-book).


Additionally there is the administration of Global Canada, Global UK and the Asian Sevana ministry and property (please pray that God will give direction on this) to oversee; all of these with their attendant Board meetings. Research on another book is also keeping me busy.


Among other projects on our hearts for God’s blessing and support is the critical need in Sri Lanka for the |Pastor’s and workers feeding program. This made necessary in part by the persecution and intimidation of congregations by an opposing faith. Many believers are not comfortable bringing their families to church because of the mob mentality, shouting/chanting, graffiti and etc. In the past some have been attacked and/or beaten. This prolonged persecution has reduced offerings to a ‘pittance’ and pastors and workers families are desperately short on monthly support, leaving almost nothing for food ‘staples’. This shortage is more critical at this Christmas season.

We are frantically trying to provide for this Christmas need now and cover the six week food cost and an extra Christmas blessing for about 450 people; about $2,350, ($5.22 per person for six weeks food) or the very best we can within the next few days. Please help if you can.

Your sacrificial giving in this past year has enabled us to go beyond what, at times seemed impossible. We have learned over these years that it is not about fund raising but about fund releasing, which those of you who are sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading have been doing in the past. On behalf of the lives you have touched; thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are trusting God together for a healthy monitory finish to this year and a strong start to the New Year ministry. If funds are in hand I need to be overseas in Asia the early New Year.

All donations to be receipted for 2013 should be received by the office before Dec.31.

Your Donation Tax Receipt for 2013 will be mailed by early February


For those of you who were at the GOF October Fellowship Evening, (and those who were not, but also gave into the evening) thank you for giving from your heart in the offering, it totally allowed us to do the final ministry trip of the year; God bless you richly! You are in our prayers that His blessing which adds no sorrow will be yours in this New Year; and that your heart for missions support ‘release’ will be multiplied back to you and your family in every way.


On that Fellowship evening it was also announced that, DV, the Oct 2014 Fellowship Dinner would be a very special event.(This year’s date to be confirmed, will be held on Friday Oct.3) We will be celebrating 30 years of John and Shirley in overseas missions and 20 years of Global Outreach Foundation ministry around the world. Please mark your calendar now so you do not miss this double header, 30/20 event. A special ‘surprise’ Asian couple we respect and have worked with for many years will be the honoured guests and share in the program.

While we are in Canada we would love to hear from you and fellowship. Being away in ministry has a ‘disconnect’ factor that hinders us from often seeing and hearing from lifetime great friends. Please do touch base with us in these next few weeks.


Have a blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


We love you in the Lord Jesus,

We are your servants for His sake

For Global Outreach Foundation

John & Shirley Abraham

Newsletter – Christmas 2013