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In the fullness of time Jesus came. Gal. 4:4-5

Dear Missions Partner,


Shirley and I wish you and yours a blessed Christmas!


It is difficult to believe that another year has gone and I am sending another Christmas letter so soon. It is also hard to believe that we have been overseas for more than two months and will not return to Canada (DV) until February 2015.


Let me begin by thanking all of you who attended the GOF Dinner on Oct.3rd, making it such a wonderful evening. Thank you for your liberality, it made it possible to undertake this part of the trip. We are still hearing from you how much you were blessed. Thank you for coming, praying and giving; you make this team function, as we win souls together.


At this special time of Christ’s birth we rejoice in His Incarnation; the Word becoming flesh. In every way He was tempted as we are, yet without sin.


He came to die that we may live forever. He came to bear our sin that we would be made the righteousness of God in Him. He came to rise again in the power of an endless life that we may be empowered to live in the victory of his resurrection forever. Bible researchers tell us that there are over three hundred prophetic verses relating to His first coming; also that there are eight times that number- 2,400 relating to His second coming. He came first, to promise a second coming; that, “if I go away, I will come again and receive you unto Myself.” We rejoice with the hundreds of fulfilled prophesies of His first Advent; how much greater our expectation should be for the anticipation of His Second Advent. We are cautioned that; there will be wars and rumours of wars… men’s hearts failing them for fear, and …when we see these things begin to come to pass, look up for your Redemption draws near. Now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.


Our schedule has been more than heavy since leaving Canada, with various types of ministry; house meetings, a four day convention, a Christmas function addresses and times of counselling and prayer with university students. How we thank God for His leadership in these young believers lives. We had several days of ministry in ‘house fellowships’ to Catholic believers who enjoy the work and gifts of the Holy Spirit in their lives. It is special to hear the Gifts of the Spirit flowing freely in that setting when it is not always the norm in a Charismatic setting.


When we finish in Sri Lanka in February we will return to Canada. Please stay close to us in your prayers for ministry and for safety at this time of their election on Jan. 8th.


There are warnings of increased violence before and after the election. It is most unusual for a Papal visit to be less than a month before or after a general election, but Pope Francis will arrive within a week of the election.


The churches in Sri Lanka are facing considerable persecution. This hinders believers from attending services; consequently the meager offerings are substantially lower and creating hardship in keeping the church solvent and paying living expense to the pastors. It is reported that approximately one hundred Christian churches have been forced to close because of death threats and other forms of persecution.


As much as is possible, without endangering the safety of the local leadership, we will minister wherever possible and have private ‘fellowship’ times with the pastors for support and encouragement.


We are also trusting to be able to help some at this Christmas time, as there are no extra funds to bring a little joy to the families and children for food; we do need your prayers and help in this area at this time. If support is made to the GOF office now, it can be arranged so we have access to the funds before Christmas to help.


A very pressing need

There is a significant additional need at this time. It may have arisen because we are away for almost five months at a stretch, which is also through the Christmas season and New Year. Compounding this emergency is an issue following the October Fellowship Dinner, when some substantial promises or pledges were made to be effective at that time; these have not materialized to date.

Please join with Shirley and me in intercessory prayer that from somewhere these considerable amounts can be made up, as our GOF policy is not to contact those who pledged or put any pressure on them personally. This shortfall is quite critical to the smooth operation of our budget and especially at this year-end Income Tax Receipting time.

If there is any way that you could help with any amount, it would be considered an answer to prayer. Our hands are tied in a way, since we are overseas and remote from the issue; but God will see us through this difficulty. After all it is His ministry, we are just His servants for Jesus sake; He will make it happen. Enclosed with this letter is a Donation Form, please use it to specify your gift, it will also be receipted for your 2014 giving in  early 2015.  You may designate it as ‘Year End Emergency’ if received by GOF before Dec.31 2014. We will trust that this extra effort will relieve the ‘pledge’ issue.

Shirley and I wish you and your extended families God’s richest blessing in health, happiness and provision for your every need.


Have a blessed Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!


Your servants in His Love,

John & Shirley Abraham

Newsletter – Christmas 2014