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Dear Mission Partner,

Christmas Greetings in Jesus Name,

After yet another turbulent year for the world on this crazy ‘merry-go-round’, when,” …anything that can be shaken, will be shaken” .(Heb. 12:27-28)”, believers can rest in Him. At this Christmas Season, Christ speaks Peace, Joy and Hope.   (Rom.15:13.).

Shirley and I wish you and your families the richest of His blessing and favour at this Christmas and New Year season.

The year 2022 seems to have accelerated – suddenly its over! However when we look at the lives touched for Christ around the world we see where our energies and funding has been shared.

Although we have not traveled overseas, Global has enabled the gospel message to continually reach around the world – to almost two hundred countries in many languages.

There are many countries to minister in, Sri Lanka, is one that invites us to more ministry than we are able. Global supports different projects there, but their need is so great. We could travel there, but are advised to have isolation on arrival. Pastors there have almost no income as their assemblies are mostly closed. Many families are without adequate food or essentials.

We have continued to be busy, keeping on top of the three ministries, Canada, Asia and UK. With some of the social platforms, I continue to minister where opportunity allows. ‘Covid’ caused mayhem at the beginning but has forced the Christian world to be innovative. Now we are using the media in a new way never dreamed of before.

The Annual Global Banquet that has been the primary funding source, has lost strength by not having the event, and this year with a smaller crowd we see the serious shortfall.  Thank God for the faithful regulars who still support.

Please can we call our prayer warriors to intercede for this need? Much of our ministry support must be paid out monthly to cover the monthly ministry budget.

Please continue to stand with us in prayer at this time that we will see  a serious release of resources, and  finish the year strong, going in His strength into the new year.

Shirley and I are blessed to be here together, enjoying one another and to enjoy His Presence. We have had a good year but as we get older, there have been spots of sickness. Early in the year Shirley had her moments and more recently, I have had other issues with my back. Medication is no longer containing the pain. I continue to trust the Lord for His answer. Please keep both of us in your prayers.

From our home to yours! – This comes to wish you a Happy Christmas and a New Year of His favour.

We love you in the Lord Jesus

Your servants for Jesus sake

John & Shirley 

P.S. Please feel free to call us (604 807 5678) if you have any need we can council and pray with you for. You are loved!

Newsletter – Christmas 2022