Dear Ministry Partner,

Greetings from Sri Lanka, 25 flying hours from Vancouver. Just after flying half a world away, contending with crazy jet-lag, and preaching a full schedule of cross–island ministry, we are still reflecting and rejoicing in the great fellowship and mission challenge as about 130 people packed the Abbotsford banquet hall  on October 20th. Thank you for being there!

The praise and worship, the special anointed numbers of Marcus and Cathy Unger and Sophia Abraham playing the harp, lifted everyone’s praise to the highest level. The evening finished with an ‘over the top’ offering that was an answer to our prayers and a great help as we headed out on this six week Sri Lanka mission tour. We were delighted with the total program and thankful that many of you stood with us, helping to make the trip possible in His will.

Back to Sri Lanka now, and the great work that the National pastors have continued during COVID-19, which prevented Shirley and me from going overseas. This made for even more excitement and anticipation as we put final preparations in place before the departure for this mission. This time we are overjoyed to be accompanied by our grandson Davis and his new bride Sophia. First stop London UK, then Colombo Sri Lanka after about 45 hours of airport waiting and flying.

A long night’s sleep and we were ready to ‘hit the road’ with an itinerary and schedule prepared in advance of our arrival. We are amongst a powerful time of the Spirit moving in new ways, ‘over the top’ salvations, healings and His supernatural anointing. There are too many testimonies of God’s moving, to get into on this ‘update’ email, so we encourage you to have a look at “Global Outreach Foundation” on Facebook, Instagram or on our website. We are sharing testimonies and updates in real time; we hope that you will not only find this interesting, but partner with us in prayer and support to enable us to finish this financial year in a strong position

 It has been amazing to witness the fruits of your labour over the years. We have been spending times in churches that only exist because of your obedience to the command to build His Kingdom. Many of the pastors we taught in bible school now have children that have been “trained up in the way they should go” (Proverbs 22:6) and as a result are fledging into new pastors and disciple makers.

The Christians here are coming under more and more persecution from a violent religious group. As I preached at a brand-new church opening in the south of Sri Lanka the service was disrupted by loud bangs. The noise was from angry religious neighbours throwing rocks at the metal church roof. The believers in the church began to worship and praise louder, the angry group eventually gave up and 20 people prayed a salvation prayer and gave their life to God for the first time in a Sunday morning service, Hallelujah! God is moving here even in the persecution!

We want to thank you again for your strong support and being obedient to the Holy Spirit’s leading. Your support has made these church plants possible and for these souls to find eternal salvation. As we approach year end here in Sri Lanka, I need to  ask you to please stand with us in prayer for a strong financial finish to the Global Outreach Foundation, year end.

While I preach the gospel and minister the Word here, alongside Davis, the central theme of our message is Christ and Christmas; His coming as the “God in flesh” Child, to a manger, then to a cross and finally He Himself leaves an empty tomb. This is the journey of The Christ of Christmas to shed His blood for our sin, making salvation a gift that all may freely receive. And Paul states, “… because He lives, we shall live also”.

How beautifully the Gospel and the Christmas story blend. Without His birth, death and resurrection, there would be no gospel, and as the Apostle Paul declared, “…we would be of all men most miserable”.

The schedule in Sri Lanka this time is similar to many past years, always presenting a challenge to access, as most churches are tucked away on hillsides or almost inaccessible. This year I am finding it more challenging as my walking issues make it more difficult to climb mud hills and mud steps or broken wood stairs. The local pastor is so protective of me, but it is still far distant from ‘pre-walking issue’ days. Strangely the excruciating pain subsides during preaching and altar work but remembers to return when ministry is over.

Shirley and I are happy ministering here and know we are in the center of God’s will. The thrill of sharing the gospel of Christ never fades. The thrill of watching as healing comes to a tormented person in the sometimes endless-seeming prayer lines. Although we are here for forty-two days and enjoying every day, we know they are quickly coming to an end, and we begin the about fifty-hour journey home to Abbotsford for Christmas with family and you our ministry family.

To follow the trip on a daily basis please go to Global Outreach Foundation’s web page, (or Google click on menu, drop down to Facebook and follow the  pictures and text. Please feel free to respond with a greeting or comment.

With temperatures here, and the casual summer dress, it’s hard to think of it being close to Christmas. God willing, we will be home for Christmas. Our love and prayers are with you from us in this beautiful ‘Pearl of India, teardrop’ as it is  often affectionately called.

Shirley and I and Davis and Sophia wish you God’s richest blessing for a Happy Christmas, and His Favour and Rich Blessing in the coming New Year.

We love you in the Lord Jesus.

We are your servants for Jesus’ sake.

J. & S. Abraham

Newsletter – Christmas 2023