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His Resurrection – Our Greatest Moment

A Blessed Easter to all our Missions Partners

Dear Partner in Missions,

For those of us who are Christian believers the resurrection of Christ is the greatest historical event. The Apostle Paul declared that if Christ be not risen our faith is (in) vain. 1.Cor.15:2,4.

Everything He was, and claimed to be; everyone He blessed and delivered; everywhere he preached and taught that He would lay down His life and take it up again, would mean nothing if His resurrection claims failed.

His claims did not fail. He did rise again as He said. And He ever lives to make intercession for us. His resurrection is one of the most certified proofs.

The angel at the tomb attested to His resurrection, Mk.16:5-7.

Jesus spoke to Mary Magdalene at the tomb confirming his resurrection. Jn. 20:16-18.

He appeared to, and identified himself to the two disciples on the road to Emmaus. Lk. 24: 13-35.

Jesus reveals himself to (doubting) Thomas as proof of His resurrection. Inviting him to see and feel the nail pierced hands and sword riven side. Jn. 20:24-29.

Paul the apostle records in 1. Cor. 15:3-7. He appeared to Cephas, and then to the twelve, then to five hundred, then to James and all the Apostles.

Finally, He apprehended Paul himself on the Damascus road as an eye witness of the resurrection; to name some. Act.9:3-9. 1. Cor.15:8.

Because he rose from the dead after the crucifixion, He fulfilled His promise; “…I, if I be lifted up will draw all men unto me. Jn.12:32. And, “…because I live you shall live also”. Jn.14:19.

For the Christian Believer, Easter should represent our highest form of worship and praise for our Saviour, Lord, and soon coming King.

Christ greeted the two Mary’s after the tomb, as they went to tell his disciples. Jesus met them; His first word to them after His resurrection, being, “…Rejoice…”. Matt.28:9. So, whatever our heaviness or grief is, should  we not also Rejoice?

So we, at this Easter time, should also lift our voices in praise and worship, “Rejoicing” that our names are written in heaven. Lk.10:20, and that He shall come in like manner as they saw him go. Act. 1:11.


A Notable Miracle

Almost a year ago a friend asked me to pray for his Baptist Pastor friend in California. He had ‘stage four’ terminal cancer in the abdomen. He called me every Monday evening for many months and we spoke healing and prayed with him. These chats were sometimes not easy for him, and he questioned much of the discussion. Long story short; recently he had a clean bill of health, was told it was completely in remission. He is becoming stronger and now returning to more of his regular pastoral duties and pulpit ministry. Needless to say he is “Rejoicing”.



The work of ministry is unabated. Not overseas yet in this new year, as many issues are being attended to administratively. Board meetings are also on the agenda. Many hours are spent in the effort to write another book. Shirley is recovering from her first eye surgery and in two weeks will begin her second eye surgery. That will take an additional five weeks to process. Plus, there is the ever present need to raise adequate funds to cover ministry and travel cost. The new Global policy calls for the implementation of cash in advance of expense for overseas ministry. This decision in order to better manage the present economic slow down as it affects donation cash flow, and avoid credit card interest charges. We do need your prayers to address these urgent issues, so that full scheduled ministry can continue without interruption.


Global Outreach Fellowship Dinner

Reminder: Please make note of the 2016 GOF Fellowship Support Dinner.

Location: Garden Pk. Tower, Azalea Room, 2825 Clearbrook Rd. Abbotsford BC.

Date: Friday Oct. 14. Doors open 6:15. Dinner Served at Approx. 6:30PM.

We love you in the Lord Jesus!

Have a blessed Easter

Rejoice, “…The Lord is risen indeed…”! Lk.24:34.

John & Shirley.

Newsletter – Easter 2016