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The power of Christ’s Easter resurrection

“…I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again…Jn.10:18

Dear Mission’s Partner,

Another incredible year has flown by and as you know, after 25 years of Easter letters; its my favourite time of the year. Have a blessed Easter!

Easter. The Christian world, the body of Christ, celebrate Easter, representing the single greatest event of our faith. Paul the apostle said, “And if Christ is not risen, then our preaching is empty, and your faith is also empty”. “But now Christ is risen from the dead, and has become the firstfruits of them that have fallen asleep”. 1.Cor. 15:14,20. To His redeemed, in this present chaotic world, just as He fulfilled his promise to lay down His life and take it up again; so He will also fulfill His promise of Jn.14:3., to go away, prepare a place for us and come again and receive us unto himself. We can with confidence, look up, and lift up our heads; for our redemption draws near. Lk.21:28.

Tax Receipt. Recently, each of you who invested in missions with GOF, received your 2018 tax receipt. We sincerely thank you for your response to the leading of the Lord. Many of you have stood with us for over thirty-three years. As part of the ministry team, in this way you have made it possible for souls to be saved, lives changed, pastors and workers trained, and many churches planted. Praise the Lord for this and thank you! If you have any question about your tax receipt, please do not hesitate to contact us at the above email address or address, and it will be promptly attended to.

Up-date on Shirley. We praise God for good reports on Shirley’s health, following sickness on Dec.3.There has been excellent recovery so far. Last week her consultant basically gave her a clean bill of health, with the precaution of concentrating on building her energy levels and being careful about the next year while her strength returns. For this reason, she will not accompany me to BC Canada on April 22nd. (DV), as originally planned from last September.

Ministry. For the above reason, we had to also re-schedule a January/March ministry tour to Asia until later in the year when Shirley is cleared to fly again. In the meantime, I continue with ministry in the UK from our present home base in N. Ireland. With technology as it is today, much administration, counselling and ministry can be undertaken from my office. For example, we continue to partially support the five church-plants we have shared with you about in letters and at the last banquet. Additionally, we have taken on one more new church-plant in Sri Lanka. We do need you to please continue to stand with us in your best way, in order to keep these projects moving as various construction stages occur. Just this week we released additional funding to assist further.

Local pastors and workers. They continue to have ongoing monthly support from our ministry as we are able, for food, house rental, travel or ministry cost. This is a considerable annual additional burden for us to carry. It is critical for them and their young families to have this continuing provision. As God leads you, please remember this ministry need and support them in your regular prayer times.

University and College Ministry. Your prayers and support are also necessary for the 400+ college and career conference young people who will attend for three days. Last year you also helped in support of this event, at which many were saved, surrendered their lives to full-time ministry, and enrolled in Bible College. Please support this life changing project again with your love, prayers and best support.

Tent Evangelistic Crusade. In late June I will be conducting a tent crusade in Eire, for which we covet your sincere intersession. This event will be held in a very needy district of Southern Ireland. This will be a deliverance crusade, and we need your commitment to saturate the event in prayer from now forward. May I encourage you to feel free to email me with your assurance of prayer?

For the event, from June 16-23, believers here are already praying in several groups for a real move of God, with many being saved and delivered. Please commit to faithfully intercede for this with us. The two Sundays are at 3: 00.PM, and all week-nights at 8: 00.PM. GMT.

Emergency Medical Help. We had an emergency request recently to help a lady who had a massive heart attack in a very Muslim area in Asia. We have undertaken this because of the testimony for Christ it will be in the community. The surgery is complete, and the Christian lady is recovering very well. Please also keep this family in prayer.

The Lord willing, we expect to minister in Asia in mid July for a few weeks before returning to Canada in late September, in preparation for the October GOF Banquet.

GOF Annual Banquet. We are delighted to invite you to the GOF Annual Banquet. Please come and bring an interested mission couple.

Please mark your planners for the GOF Fellowship Banquet. This year, the date is Fri. Oct. 18.

Location: 2825 Garden Park Tower Clearbrook Rd Abbotsford BC V2T 6S3. TIME: Doors open 6:15PM.

This is an early notice for those of you with busy schedules. More booking confirmation details will be mailed later in the year.

Manuscripts. As much as possible, I do what I can in my free time to move two separate documents forward. Your prayers would really be appreciated for this heavy on-going project. Having worked through 180,000-word manuscript before, from which to finally edit out and produce Living in the Supernatural Dimension. I know the presence, power and anointing of the Holy Spirit is a ‘MUST’ to bring these to fruition. Please stay in prayer with me for these.

Since we are not as much in Canada recently, we need you to know that you are really missed. We miss the fellowship, the calls, the coffees and etc. You are in our hearts and our prayers. We trust God for His blessing that makes rich and adds no sorrow with it, for you and your extended families. That you will continue to be covered by the umbrella of His love, peace, health, anointing and favour.

You are loved!

We are your servants for Jesus sake

John&Shirley Abraham 290319

Newsletter – Easter 2019