June 20th.2009


Dear Missions Partner,

When this reaches you Shirley and I will (DV) be ministering in Indonesia, having finished a few days in (*). (*) is where Shirley and I lived for a good many years and have endless open doors for ministry. The schedule here is totally full and we are blessed to be used of the Lord to share His word in preaching the gospel and teaching believers.

The young Pastor in Indonesia whom we have worked with for many years is now giving leadership in several areas and is being used of God to see the ministry growing. Recently he built a three floor educational wing for grades one to four. He also has a super pre- school and kindergarten.

We are blessed to have this young man who also acts as our interpreter for evangelism and teaching. It is your ongoing support that makes it possible to support his work and many others just like him here and in other countries.

We praise God for providing sufficient funds to allow us to begin this ministry tour. Over many years we have seen Him provide at the last moment just enough to allow us to begin the trip.

With this economy, this is what we have experienced again this time.

For those of you who have given extra or a one time gift in the last few weeks, you have made the beginning of the trip a reality. And we thank you from our hearts.

The rest of the ministry trip is, for us a walk of faith. We trust Him to continue to provide for the next three weeks of evangelism and teaching.

As hearts are touched in Canada to stand with us on the field we believe with you that the funds will be made available to us to honor our commitment to ministry and pay our bills as we go.

Before leaving Canada God miraculously provided just under half of the total funds needed. We are trusting in Him for the additional five thousand dollars. Can we count on your prayer that God will touch hearts and release to soul winning, the crucial balance?

After ministry here in Indonesia we have almost two weeks in Sri Lanka where much of the preaching will be in rural jungle areas. Please be much in prayer for that country and our travel there, as the country is still in turmoil after the recent war of twenty five years. Shirley and I believe God with you for His blessing and miracles during these days and for the additional funds necessary to avoid any cancellation of already planned evangelism.

We love you, and appreciate your faithfulness to Him in partnering with us in this front-line ministry.

Your servants for Jesus sake,

John & Shirley Abraham

Newsletter – URGENT PRAYER NEED FROM THE FIELD June 20th, 2009