SPECTACULAR EVANGELISTIC EVENTS – Testimonies From The Field – A Providential Mistake

A Providential Mistake

From a terrorist area we accepted an invitation to do several, week long outdoor evangelistic meetings. Each one went well, but one had a ‘small problem’. Two different printers produced the handbills, one indicating the conclusion of the event a day earlier than the other. The earlier period was the correct one.


Each night the crowd almost doubled and many hundreds were converted, healed and delivered. On the final evening (earlier date) perhaps six or seven thousand attended the open jungle area. Many hundreds, (perhaps fifteen hundred) came forward for salvation on the last evening. God gave us a blessed and safe week of meetings. The next day after clearing the equipment and all workers had left the area, (later date) a huge explosion ripped approximately one quarter of the deserted field apart, and could possibly have killed up to two thousand people if the later date had been correct.
Before we call He will answer and while we are yet speaking He will hear.

Testimony – A Providential Mistake