SPECTACULAR EVANGELISTIC EVENTS – Testimonies From The Field – Abundance Of Rain

Abundance Of Rain

On many occasions, prayer teams will walk around a venue, (building or stadium) cleansing it and believing God for His miracle in people’s lives during the services. On one such occasion the location was a large sports field flanked by a roadway thirty feet higher than the field, and connected by a sloping grassy embankment. As the crowd gather on the playing field many hundreds stood up on the roadway and on the embankment listening to the service but not participating.


As the message was nearing a conclusion I noticed ominous coal black rain clouds rapidly blowing toward us. From experience I knew there was little time to conclude and have the regular altar call, salvation prayer and then the deliverance ministry which could continue for a couple of hours. Then the deluge burst, hundreds ran for cover- but to where? Miraculously the playing field was divinely protected. Not a drop of rain fell on the field, but the periphery of the field including the roadway and embankment where hundreds stood was drenched, sending them scurrying to the crowded playing field for cover. The service concluded in the normal way hours later. On that occasion we had double the response of people at the altar for salvation than the number of people originally attending on the field, because of the hundreds who were providentially drawn to the service and ultimately the altar. Thank God for the ministry of prayer teams. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.

Testimony – Abundance Of Rain