SPECTACULAR EVANGELISTIC EVENTS – Testimonies From The Field – His Supernatural Power

His Supernatural Power

In one evangelistic meeting, just before preaching, I felt led to pray for any Christian young people who were open to God’s call on their life if He directed them to ministry. Expecting four or five from a mostly unconverted crowd, about two hundred ran forward to fill the altar.


Not being able to go down to pray individually for so many, I began to pray from the platform with my arms stretched to the far left of the building moving them like windshield wipers as I prayed across the crowd. Three quarters of the way across I happened to look at the young people, only to find that the first three-quarters, up to where my hands had stopped were all resting in the Spirit. As I continued to pray for the balance, they also fell under the power of the Spirit. That supernatural demonstration progressed into an incredible evening with many hundreds saved and delivered by His Supernatural power.

Testimony – His Supernatural Power