SPECTACULAR EVANGELISTIC EVENTS – Testimonies From The Field – Run Over By A Bus

Run Over By A Bus

In outdoor evangelism the gospel is preached first, then those who respond for salvation, are counseled, prayed with and their names recorded. Those who need prayer for other needs such as healing etc. then come forward.
On one occasion, coming to the conclusion of the message and about to begin the altar invitation I had a strong check in my spirit to change the procedure.


It was so strong, and would mean not calling them forward for the altar call and praying for the sick, but to pray for the sick first where they stood, believing for their healing. After the deliverance prayer the platform director came and said a lady had asked to testify. After she had been cleared to come to the microphone, this is an excerpt of her story as we understood it by interpretation:

Earlier in the evening she and her little girl had boarded a small bus to travel from her village to the same town where we were holding meetings. She then discovered it was going in the wrong direction and disembarked. The child stumbled on the bottom step falling from her grasp under the vehicle and in front of the back wheel, which ran over the child’s stomach. Picking up the unconscious child she began to run home. Someone on the road told her the child would die before she reached home, but that she should go to the deliverance meeting being held on the jungle clearing close by. She did, and stood with her dying child stretched limply across both her arms.

It was at this moment the Holy Spirit’s prompt to me was to leave the salvation prayer and pray for the sick first where they stood, which I had not done in that order before. She heard the instruction to place her hand on the part of the body that needed healing and to trust God for an answer. She looked in faith to God and believed for prayer to work. Immediately the child stirred on her arms, regained consciousness and spoke clearly to her, walking to the platform holding the mothers hand. After closer examination the bus tire marks were still visible on the child’s clothes and skin. Subsequent examination indicated no injury, as stated in written testimony ten days later and now on file. Her testimony electrified the crowd and brought Glory to the Living God.

Testimony – Run Over By A Bus