Dear Missions Partner,

There is no greater joy for me in writing, than writing about Easter. Springtime is about

cherry blossom, birds building nests, lambs and calves frolicking in the fields; all attesting

to new life.


For the believer, Easter speaks of new life; New Life in Him. The dejected disciples on the Emmaus road, un-knowingly walked with the risen Christ until their eyes were opened when He broke bread with them. It is in the breaking of bread with the Master, in that closest of fellowship, that our eyes are opened and we like they, can hear Him say, “Peace to you”. It’s in this close fellowship with Him that He comforts us by asking, “Why are you troubled”? “And why do doubts arise in your hearts”?


Then He encouraged them (and us) to come close, to see and feel Him, then He said “it is I myself” (Lk. 24:39). Today with the raging fears of life on every front, His word to us is still, “Peace to you”. He is risen as He said! Because He lives we shall live also. His is the victory; it is also our victory which we enjoy in Him. Our lives are hid with Christ in God (Col 3:3). And Christ is in us the hope of glory. (Col.1:27).

He is in us and we are in Him. How secure we are; this is “Peace to you”. Whatever we are facing today, however un-certain tomorrow seems, His word to us is still “Peace to you”. His peace which he imparts to us is divine peace, not to be shattered by any human element. Rest in Him! He is alive forever more. This is our Kingdom position and our authority in Him; our spiritual inheritance.


In dating this letter today, it opened a flood-gate of memories. It was on this date sixty seven years ago that as a child the Holy Spirit deeply convicted me and called me to faith in Jesus Christ. It was also on this date fifty three years ago, after preaching for eight years that I graduated from Bible College, and was also ordained to ministry. Now, a lifetime later, with the last twenty five years in overseas missions, we can say “- Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ”. (1.Cor. 15:57); and “-Who always leads us in triumph in Christ-”. (2 Cor.2:14).


Generally in the early New Year we are overseas in missions; this year was different. In keeping with GOF guidelines, and in the interest of good stewardship, when the travel budget is deficient, we are reluctant to incur additional expenses in advance of funding. Therefore that trip is now scheduled for later in the season as God provides. GOF is a faith based ministry and is sustained as God leads, by those whose hearts He touches.


To each one of you who are faithfully standing with Shirley and me in support over many years, we must tell you that it is your sacrificial giving to this ministry that allows us to continue. Each month your investment in the Kingdom is received with thanksgiving and is crucial to carry us forward.

We know that those who give monthly and sacrificially are also those whose hearts are joined with ours as a strong prayer team for God’s blessing and provision; and we thank you for your faithfulness. Often we hear from you that you pray for us every day. Thank You!


May we ask you to make a prayer commitment that in the next several weeks God will adequately fund the up-coming trip to Asia in advance of leaving? Pray with us that He will direct hearts to respond largely to underwrite the total cost of approximately twelve thousand dollars. There are no large corporate donors, (although we are trusting and praying to that end) only faithful mission minded believers who have a passion to see the full gospel preached and souls won to Christ. Pray that larger donors or corporate sponsors may be directed to replace the shortfall resulting from the present economy. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions you feel God has laid on your hearts so that we may be ‘forward thinking’ and ‘innovative’ at this difficult time.


Every aspect of ministry energises and blesses me, but fundraising is not my skill-set. There is no shortage of funds available to Kingdom believers, our spiritual inheritance is assured. However in real life, the present ‘world system’ economy, has drastically reduced donations from those who feel the economic constraints. Releasing funds, for many has become the issue. Please, let’s believe for a divine release of Kingdom funds for Kingdom ministry in the next few weeks; with which we can then continue overseas ministry, fully funded.


Two exciting things are happening during these recent weeks. Technology has enabled us to begin to structure a method whereby we will be able to, in a limited way, conduct pastors seminars and leadership schools in remote areas from my office via satellite. Several trial attempts have been encouraging. The greatest obstacle is co-ordinating the interpretation with two languages on the ‘jungle’ end. We will try to iron out the ‘kinks’ and perhaps use this method some, in future.


Secondly, many people have for years been encouraging me to write a book. They have challenged me to put in print for future generations, what we have seen God supernaturally do over these past twenty five years. Since we have not been able to go overseas in January, I have immersed myself in that project and am now about three-quarters way through the initial draft of eighty thousand words. This is a long journey with more writing and much hard work in editing etc. In addition to a massive investment of time it will need God’s provision in all aspects of publishing and the cost.


Thank you for your love and prayers. Thank you for the years of faithfully standing with us in ‘team ministry’ around the world.

Shirley and I wish you an anointed and victorious Easter in Jesus name.


We are your servants for His sake.


John & Shirley Abraham.

Newsletter – THE LORD IS RISEN INDEED – April 8th, 2011