Global Outreach Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to cross-cultural evangelism and outreach, into the populated and outlying regions of many countries.

Founded in Canada in 1994 by John and Shirley Abraham, and then expanded to the United Kingdom in 1999, Global has been actively providing aid and spreading the gospel in both urban and rural enviroments, predominantly in the so called “10-40 Window”. Some of these communities have been truly “off the beaten path”, remote locations without modern ammenities.

Global has conducted many forms of outreach, preaching in open air meetings and churches, department stores, prisons, factories, banks, universities and colleges. In addition to ministering to large crowds of both adults and children, Global has helped provide people with access to National Medical Doctors, Medical Supplies, Food Programmes and fresh water wells to areas in need of a clean reliable water source.

Global also invests in the long term spiritual well being of the individuals whom they have reached out to. They accomplish this through not only chuch planting, but also through tranining and leadership to local ministers and national leaders.

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Global Outreach Foundation
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